Martin Home And Land logo on a map of the Austin Texas area
Martin Home And Land logo on a map of the Austin Texas area
Martin Home And Land logo on a map of the Austin Texas area

Sell and Buy with Accuracy. Build Wealth.

If you found yourself here, you’re probably thinking about selling or buying some property.

Maybe you bought your home some years back and are thinking it’s time to cash out.

Maybe you’re a builder or investor looking for land ripe for development or an investment property with some hidden value.

Maybe you’re a business owner looking for that new location to take you to that next level of growth.

Maybe you’re looking to buy your first home or maybe you’re a long-time homeowner looking for a piece of land in the country to stretch your leg.

Either way. You’d probably like some help with this process.

And you’re probably weighing your options (e.x. ‘who should I ask for help?’). Presumably this is what led you here.

Well here’s our shameless and hopefully painless pitch.

We’re a family real estate team at Twelve Rivers Realty based in Austin, TX. Martin Home & Land is owned and operated by, wife and husband, Jen (realtor) and Alex Martin (realtor and data scientist).

We help folks sell and buy homes, land, and investment properties across Central Texas.

Here’s what we’re all about:

  • We believe that owning real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth. (For you and your grandkids). It’s time-tested and the mechanics make sense.
  • We believe that deep market knowledge paired with prudent analytics leads to accuracy and precision in pricing. (pricing of the property you have or the one you want)
  • … getting this right is crucial to capturing equity (and it’s the primary value of your agent)
  • The way we see it, our job is to help you balance risk relative to return of investment opportunities.
  • Problems are best solved before they happen. Early anticipation & early correction is our approach.
  • Great marketing is more than just listing a property. More on that later.
  • (all of this puts you in the best position to sell or buy)
  • For sellers, our aim is to maximize your profit and minimize buyer churn. List right. List once. Sell for more.
  • For buyers, our aim is to outmaneuver other buyers. Win offers. Win your home.
  • We’re in the business of helping folks make wise investments.
  • We arm our clients with the knowledge and tools to make measured decisions.
  • Your experience with us is vital. If you wouldn’t refer your parents, best friend, boss or adult child to us – then we’ve failed. We won’t fail.

If this resonates with you, and you like what you hear – we’d love to chat.

Our Sites Coming Soon. In The Meantime . . .

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Twelve Rivers Logo

Martin Home & Land is a proud 12 Rivers team.

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